I´m a Dutch mother of two: a 9 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. Together with them I live in the beautiful mountains of the Alpujarras, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, in the south of Spain. We are blessed by the sound of the river and the views of the mountains.I have lived in this area for 9 years now and am increasingly enjoying the privilege of living in this beautiful place, and being part of an amazing, diverse, creative, open-hearted, loving, international community.

More and more I am growing into my authenticity, meaning I can feel and express more parts of myself into this world. It is a wondrous process, which definitely also knows its ups and downs.

I´m the kind of person that gets bored with routine. Like a tree with many branches, I tend to have many projects going on at the same time. I have learned that this is the best way to express myself and keep myself enthusiastic and happy. I hope this website can give you an insight into some of the different branches I grow. I will have to keep updating the information on this site!

Many years of adventurous solo-travelling have led me to and through many different cultures in the world. Teaching me not only about my own survival capacities and freedom but also giving me many precious experiences of human dignity, hospitality and love. However, having lived in the same area now for these last years, and having been able to grow roots, I am learning what it is to be part of a community, and to have a sense of belonging. It has allowed me to grow into myself and to start bringing my gifts out into the world.

One of my passions is working and sharing with women. In personal coaching as well as in women´s circles and groups I organize. Organizing and being part of women´s circles has really helped me on my personal journey to find my voice, to express my strength and to deepen my self-love, as well as to allow myself to be touched by the strengths, talents, wisdom and love of other women.
I find it fascinating to see the process of a woman getting to know herself, empowering herself, finding her voice, or finding her strengths and passions. This process is not something to take for granted in the society we live in. As a woman myself I recognize these processes, and I also know the great hidden power, wisdom and love that can lie beneath it all, waiting to be born.
The births of both of my children have shown me the incredible strength we can tap into as women and I love being reminded of this inner strength and seeing it reflected in others.

I also love being and working with plants. I´m grateful for having been a student at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, and having learned how to learn from and communicate with plants directly. Plants have been great teachers for me, and have helped me at various points in my life to go through deep transformation and healing. Recently I have picked up again the study and practice of plant communication, through Goethean plantstudies and other methods. And I´m starting to offer this work in our local community (soon more about this on this website) Besides this, and growing plant friends in and around my home, I love using herbal medicine for myself and my family, using essential oils for massage, making natural perfumes with essential oils, and making flower essences which I use for myself and offer to clients.

As an empathic and spiritual being, I like to live my spirituality in an embodied and grounded way, within the flow of my life and guided by my Spirit guides. It is my aim that my spirituality reflects in the way I treat myself and others.
As a healer I feel I can really express my qualities through Ayurvedic massage and through Reiki. I have been very lucky to have had amazing teachers and have done in-depth studies of both of these practices.

From a young age I have been drawn to learn about health and healing. I find that working in this field is the best way for me to use my sensitivity. And I find it very satisfying and inspiring to witness the healing and transformation this brings about in both myself and my clients.

I´m qualified in Holistic Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Reiki Shinpiden, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, I am a Doula and have studied Herbal Medicine. 
In Órgiva where I am based, I work privately as well as in different retreats as part of a team of therapists.

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