Ayurveda is an ancient healing system from India, this “science of life” dates back to 5.000BC. Massage has its place at the heart of Ayurvedic Medicine.


The Ayurvedic massage I offer is called Abyangham. It is a full body massage.  I include the use of marma's (Ayurvedic pressure points), and energetic and intuitive work, to contact and release layers of tension and emotion within the body.


Since Ayurveda recognizes the inter-connectedness between body, mind and soul, it provides a potential for profound transformation, which can include deep healing as well as getting to know one-self beyond mind and body.

This massage is especially helpful in times of emotional stress or trauma. Since all our emotions are stored in the body, we can touch deep emotions in a gentle way, and contact even our most uncomfortable places from a state of relaxation and self-love.


I use many different massage techniques, warmed oils and different essential oils, depending on your constitution and your current situation.


It is very useful to receive this massage in combination with coaching sessions, or it can be used on its own as a powerful healing path.


Sessions are 1,5 hour long.


"Anna's massage work goes beyond words as it is a deeply healing experience and is something you feel and embody, which makes it difficult to describe in words. I have had a few massages with Anna and each one has been so different as she is able to give you exactly what you need in that moment. I have always been humbled by Anna's ability to 'hold' such a strong healing space where you can safely drop into places within yourself that are fearful or dark. Some of my most transformational moments and realizations have been during one of Anna's massages."
Midi Fairgrieve, Founder of Detox International Ltd.


Anna is one of the best massage therapists I have come across in the world. Her intuition and touch combined with her in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and Ayurvedic training are rare. It´s the exact reason why I send all my coaching & therapy clients to her and why I regularly let my body and being get treated by her healing hands.
Arnold Timmerman,
International presenter for The Journey, founder & facilitator of Combustion Coaching Retreats and Dogma Detox

"Anna, oh Anna! How can I possibly describe your magical, healing hands?
Though when I see a serene, glowing, smiling person- I know they´ve been "Anna´d". Everyone should have the privilige of knowing you and receiving your gifts. Massage, flower remedies, deep loving kindness - are all at the end of your fingertips. And given with such generosity. Dear Anna, thank you."

Diana Kelly, Interior Designer, East Sussex, England

"Anna helped me reconnect to my body & spirit in such a beautiful, gentle & nurturing way. I felt truly held, understood & safe. She is the embodiment of love & kindness with magical healing hands. Thank you so much!"
Sara Hall, Sussex, England

Anna geeft heerlijk ontspannende ayurvedische massages. In Spanje en gelukkig is ze soms ook in Nederland! Daarnaast geeft ze echt persoonlijke tips en adviezen mee wat voor mij persoonlijk echt een grote toegevoegde waarde heeft. Ze weet wat ze doet en waar ze het over heeft.
Henca Alberti, Den Haag, Nederland

Erop vertrouwend dat de massage mij precies dat brengt wat nodig is, ga ik liggen en geef me over aan Anna haar handen. Na afloop voel ik mij heerlijk gegrond en bij het naar huis lopen geniet ik van de zachtheid in mijn bewegingen. Elke stap heeft mijn aandacht. Bij thuiskomst voelt het vanzelfsprekend om mijn eigen gang te gaan, ondanks de gezelligheid die er blijkt te zijn. Ik ga rusten en val in een diepe, korte slaap. Pas dagen later realiseer ik me dat dit precies mijn thema is: mijn eigen koers gaan varen in het samenleven met anderen. Prachtig hoe dit inzicht zich heeft laten ontvouwen!

Albertine van Peursen, Baarn, Nederland

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