As a coach I work exclusively with women. Why coaching for women? Is it different from coaching for men?
In my idea definitely yes.
Off course we all carry the masculine and the feminine inside of us, whether we are men or women. Also on another level, we are beyond "male" or "female", we are One, we are the same. However in this embodied existence, as women we do generally have a very different build-up as men do. We have different biological processes. And in general, the society we live in, has different influences on our lives and on our characters.
Besides this, I am passionate about women´s empowerment and healing. And so I simply follow the direction of what makes me feel enthusiastic and passionate.

In my work I help women remember their own innate wisdom, power and creativity. This is not a straight-line "A-to-B" process. Much of our feminine wisdom has been buried under societies idolization of control and reason. We are expected to move in straight lines from A to B and maybe overcome some hurdles on the way. In Coaching for Women we don´t move in straight lines, but rather with spirals, circles and cycles. Sometimes it is exactly in the reconnecting to our own femine cyclical nature that we can start redefining ourselves through feelings, images, actions and intentions that are not directed by reason alone, but that come from the deeper well of faith and wisdom within us.

My approach to coaching is holistic, including body, mind and spirit. On the journey I can support you to befriend, rather than reject, all parts of yourself. You have an opportunity to get to know yourself on deeper levels, and let go of limiting ideas and beliefs about yourself.

In the coaching-process you create space to connect to yourself as an energy-field, to your body and your emotions, to connect to your own guidance and your intuition. In that way, you create space to feel aligned with your direction. So that you can use your talents and gifts to make changes in your own life, to be of the highest benefit to yourself and the world we live in.
In this process you may encounter moments of feeling blocked or stuck, or you may meet face to face with your fears. These moments are key to get to know yourself better, to grow in understanding and loving yourself, and to find your tools to move through fear or stuckness. 

What is needed from you is a willingness to move into unknown territory within yourself, or within your life. But rather than feeling pushed out of your comfortzone, I like to the idea of expanding our comfortzone.

Coaching is especially helpful to regain a deep connection with yourself and your purpose(s), to learn how to find your way back to alignment. To move on from a place of stuck-ness, to come back into the flow of life, to discover and use your unique gifts and talents, to find resilience and direction during times of transformation, to learn assertive communication, grow a healthy self-esteem, and much more. Each coaching process is different, as each woman is unique.

It is my aim that together we embark on a journey where I initially accompany you so that you become your own coach, your own mentor, your own sage and wise-woman. And through our united strength and willingness, we will both come out transformed.



"Working with Anna feels spacious, loving, and grounding, which helped me to open up and explore some challenging aspects that were asking for change. Working with her has encouraged me to take clear steps in a new way and has served to empower and trust myself in a deeper level. Beautiful support. Thank you!"
Goiatz Arizkorreta, Órgiva, Spain

I started the process knowing that I wanted to work on a few areas in my life. Mostly emotional based issues that I wanted to overcome. I must say, looking back I have changed quite a bit and there have been major shifts in all the areas I wanted to look at. I have been able to find my voice and speak without fear, I am able to express important issues from an assertive place now. I have learned to overcome fears, to gain self-confidence, assertiveness and to just take the first step without fear and the ball will start rolling. I just want to express the immense gratitude I feel towards you, Anna! You have been holding the space and the process so incredibly well. Your wisdom and patience have enabled me to come so far in only a couple of months!
Davina Haitzmann, Switzerland

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