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Why Coaching for Women?
As a woman myself I can easily empathize with the processes that women go through. Through my own life path, and by having accompanied other women on their journeys, I have learnt that there are very specific issues that women tend to come across.
I am fascinated by women´s transformational processes because I have lived many myself, and I have experienced the happiness and liberation of growth. And I am passionate about my work as a coach, because in this way I can assist other women in finding their light and their power, and in starting to live their lives from there.


An intuitive process
In my work I accompany you so that you can remember your innate power, wisdom and creativity. We set out with questions, with curiosities, and we tap into our higher wisdom to see what comes up, in every moment. It is a process in which you look after yourself, care for yourself, find your "no" and your "yes" and respect your limits. So that you can become clear about your direction, and can take your decisions with clarity. 
On this journey, I support you and accompany you, but it is you who receives the answers inside, and who decides to take the steps forward that are felt to be needed.


Holistic approach
My approach to coaching is holistic, meaning that it includes the body, the mind and the energy field. We can work with emotions in the body, we can work with the womb or the heart or other areas that need your attention. We can work from your energy field. We can work with relationships, with past or future, with healing, clearing and transforming. I can add in Ayurvedic Massage or Reiki sessions if it feels appropriate.

What can Coaching for Women help you with?

  • growing a healthy self-esteem

  • learning to communicate assertively

  • regaining a deep connection with yourself and your purpose(s)

  • discovering your gifts and talents

  • finding resilience and direction during times of transformation

  • making healthy choices

  • moving on from a place of blockage

  • accepting and holding emotions with self-compassion

  • understanding and resolving relationship issues

  • learning how to find your way back to alignment

  • and much more!


It is my aim that together we embark on a journey where I initially accompany you so that you become your own coach. And that through our united strength, courage, curiosity and love, we come out transformed.

A session takes 1 to 1,30 hours in total.

For more information or to book a session with me, please contact me.


"Working with Anna feels spacious, loving, and grounding, which helped me to open up and explore some challenging aspects that were asking for change. Working with her has encouraged me to take clear steps in a new way and has served to empower and trust myself in a deeper level. Beautiful support. Thank you!"
Goiatz Arizkorreta, Órgiva, Spain

I started the process knowing that I wanted to work on a few areas in my life. Mostly emotional issues that I wanted to overcome. I must say, looking back I have changed a lot and there have been major shifts in all the areas I wanted to look at.
I have been able to find my voice and speak without fear, I am able to express important issues from an assertive place now. I have learned to overcome fears, to gain self-confidence, assertiveness and just to take the first step without fear and the ball will start rolling.
I just want to express the immense gratitude I feel towards you, Anna! You have been holding the space and the process so incredibly well. Your wisdom and patience have enabled me to come so far in only a couple of months!

Davina Haitzmann, Switzerland

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