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In a 1:1 coaching session you connect to your body, your energy field, the Earth and your higher Guidance, and in that way, we can address anything that is happening in your life right now. You will learn to "embody" yourself, in the physical body and the energetic body.

Your body speaks. It has the exact wisdom that you need right now. Let's tune in and listen.

We create a safe space in which you can just feel what is going on in this moment in life. And by allowing the feeling without any judgement, you will start to see change and healing happen already. From there, you will be guided by the information, the memories or the insights that come up from your own body. So that you can make the deep connection to your own wise Self, and to the spiritual meaning of your experience.
In that way we can find healing beyond symptom relief, we can find acceptance, understanding, self-love, and positive transformation.

Every session is different, as every moment is different, and every person is different.

You can book a one-off session to work through something that you need support with. Generally it is recommended to work regularly during a longer period of time. So that you can really dive deeper and see the changes take shape in day to day life, such as, making different choices that are more aligned to your needs and health, understanding yourself and others better, reacting differently in moments of triggering, giving you new choices that were not available to you before.


An intuitive process

In my work I accompany you so that you can remember your innate power, wisdom and creativity. We set out with questions, with curiosities, with love, and we tap into our bodily and spiritual wisdom to see what comes up, in every moment.

On this journey, I support you and accompany you, but it is you who receives the answers inside, and who decides to take the steps forward that are felt to be needed.

Holistic approach

My approach to therapy and coaching is holistic, meaning that it includes the body, the mind and the energy field. We can work with emotions in the body, we can work with parts of the body that are in pain, we can work from your energy field, or we can work from the story of what is happening in your life right now.

What can Embodiment therapy help you with?

  • self knowledge and self love

  • growing a healthy self-esteem

  • learning about healthy boundaries

  • regaining a deep connection with yourself and your purpose(s)

  • connecting to your higher guidance

  • connecting to the Earth for your support

  • finding resilience and direction during times of transformation

  • making healthy choices

  • moving on from a place of blockage

  • accepting and holding emotions with self-compassion

  • learning how to find your way back to alignment

  • and much more!


It is my aim that together we embark on a journey where I initially accompany you so that you become your own medicine woman. And that through our united strength, courage, curiosity and love, we come out transformed.

A session takes 1 hour. Available in person or online.

For more information or to book a session with me, please contact me.



Anna's Embodiment Coaching is amazing.

I've been a participant in 2 of Anna's courses which includes 1:1 sessions and I also booked extra sessions with her when I needed support.

Her calm, sensitive, non-judgmental presence allowed me to feel totally safe to express what I needed to.

Working with childhood trauma is very confronting and although I thought I knew it, it wasn't until I felt it energetically in these sessions with Anna that I realized healing is really possible.

Her ability to guide me so simply from a place of absolute despair to co-existing and meeting my fear and ultimately healing is a true gift.

She has a way of making connecting to spirit feel really grounded.

Every session has always brought unexpected insights on a deeper level, and each time this happens I feel more trust in myself, knowing I am loving all the neglected parts of me.

I'm truly grateful that our paths have crossed and my heart warms knowing she is there.

Thank you Anna 🩷

Julie De Lorienzo, Nimbin NSW, Australia

I’ve been working with Anna 1:1 for awhile. I find her to be so comforting and easy to work with, easy to be vulnerable with. She has helped me process and release past traumas and opened up a whole new beautiful world. I am incredibly grateful for her, her work and her presence. She is so amazing and so down to earth and comfortable to work with. She has such a presence that has been so opening for me. 🩷

Cathy Taber McIntosh, Nevada, USA


"Working with Anna feels spacious, loving, and grounding, which helped me to open up and explore some challenging aspects that were asking for change. Working with her has encouraged me to take clear steps in a new way and has served to empower and trust myself in a deeper level. Beautiful support. Thank you!"
Goiatz Arizkorreta, Órgiva, Spain

I started the process knowing that I wanted to work on a few areas in my life. Mostly emotional issues that I wanted to overcome. I must say, looking back I have changed a lot and there have been major shifts in all the areas I wanted to look at.
I have been able to find my voice and speak without fear, I am able to express important issues from an assertive place now. I have learned to overcome fears, to gain self-confidence, assertiveness and just to take the first step without fear and the ball will start rolling.
I just want to express the immense gratitude I feel towards you, Anna! You have been holding the space and the process so incredibly well. Your wisdom and patience have enabled me to come so far in only a couple of months!

Davina Haitzmann, Switzerland

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