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A 4 week immersion into Rose Spirit Medicine and mystical teachings, to embody her radical and protected strength and anchor her frequency of love in our hearts.

We start on the 11th of January. Get your December Discount NOW!

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An  6-week step-by-step journey for women who want to find their own Medicine, experience sovereignty in their healing process, and who want to lean into their spiritual gifts by receiving direct guidance from the plant beings. 
Check below for more info, or book a free call with me to see how I can help you.

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A 7-week program for Highly Sensitive Women who want to learn to take their space and bring their gifts of sensitivity out into the world, in a sustainable co-creation with the Earth!
Book a free call with me, to see if this is for you!

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"Being a highly sensitive woman it took me a long time to understand it. I have tried many things not to be overwhelmed by this but to harvest it as a gift. From workshops to books to therapy sessions, nothing ever worked so well. Anna´s course is a game changer for me.
Intelligently crafted with simplicity but so much depth and intention. It focuses on the 'right' things, mostly on myself, my perception and trusting my own wisdom, talents and intuition."

"Anna has a lot of knowledge and wisdom, her kind, humorous, empathetic and loving spirit really made me feel safe in my deep exploration of self. You could say she is a midwife and she accompanied me in a super empowering way to come home to myself and find even deeper connection with the plant realm. I am forever grateful to Anna and the plants.”

Nora Markt, Austria

Supernatural Woman

"Taking part and completing the Supernatural Woman’s course with Anna has simply been life-transforming. The journey was both inspiring and challenging with Anna encouraging and guiding the group all the way. And the journey does not stop when the course ends. The course was like a springboard from which to launch oneself. The course is a time for deep self-reflection and connection both inner and with nature. This was very empowering resulting in more focus, more confidence, more clarity of life’s purpose and growth in all aspects of life.

I thank Anna for her eternal support and wisdom, and I admire her vocation to help women world-wide to re-discover their authentic selves and their life’s purpose."

Olivia O´Keeffe, the Netherlands,
Supernatural Woman

"I am so grateful to have found Anna's Supernatural Woman's course. Being a highly sensitive and creative soul with boundary issues, overwhelm and frustrations about not living my truth and expressing my creative gifts, I truly feel I have found the course for me to help me with these issues, and much much more."

I feel very safe with Anna expressing my truth, as no problem is ever too small, and whatever I say is always utterly relevant. With Anna's encouragement and guidance I am using the tools available in the course to step into my truth, offer my unique gifts and finally take the necessary risks involved in being my authentic self, using plant medicine to support the entire journey. "

"I am seeing myself become a more happy and fulfilled being, able to enjoy and express my art, and honor my inner guidance."


Aya Sophia Glover, Spain

Supernatural Woman

"Thank you Anna, for guiding me back to nature, back to feeling with nature, back to feeling that I am part of a magnificent world. I am home amongst my plant friends, that is where I belong, and that is where I am most easily guided. Thank you Anna, your work is profound art."

Julie Dumartheray, Switzerland
Supernatural Woman

“Since signing up with Anna I feel like a portal to something has opened up. I feel like I am sticking my head in a world that I have known was there all along but haven’t been able to access it, to immerse myself."

"I want to thank Anna for creating such a magical course which I have just finished. Immersion into plant communication.
The course has been an amazing journey of self discovery, I have been able to create and get in touch with nature in ways I would never have imagined, and I have taken a lot of courses over the years!
Secondly if anyone is even thinking about it, or has any doubts, just go for it, its fab!”


Kristina Cornelius, U.K.
Immersion into Plant Communication

“I've been awed by the reality of the practice and how powerful and real and deep it is to commune with one plant. The course material is gentle, plenty to do, and shared with such love and warmth.”

Sarah Keene, U.K.
Immersion into Plant Communication

“Meeting you and your guidance has brought me closer to how I’ve always known I want to express myself, through the connection to nature (my true nature).”

Julie DeLorenzo, Australia
Immersion into Plant Communication

Book a free call with me, if you want to see if this is for you. I would be happy to talk with you!

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