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For the love of plants

My love for, and interest in, holistic medicine was awakened early on by my father´s inclination towards using natural remedies at home. I loved those sweet homeopathic globules that I would get when I had a cough, and I now use the same green Arnica salve for my children as we had in our bathroom cupboard when I was a child.

During my travels around the world I came across many different natural remedies, plants have been very important for me in different healing processes, as I had different accidents and illnesses, and I can say that the plants saved my life.


In 2008 I decided to deepen my studies of Herbal Medicine at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (SSHM). I was attracted to their holistic focus, and the sensitivity with which we were taught to study herbs. A way of meeting the plants that resonated deeply with me. I learnt there, above all, that plants are highly intelligent beings, open to communication with us. And if I, in turn, open up to them, they´ll definitely take me on an interesting and healing journey, where I will learn about them at the same time as I learn about myself.
I was 2 years into the course when the school unfortunately had to close. I did my dissertation with Lincoln University, about the use of herbs during childbirth.
Because of my innate interest in the plant world, I keep on training myself. But now in a more self-taught way, as well as having the plants as my teachers.
Plants accompany me on my path. They call me, teach me and guide me. And I am very enthusiastic about intuitive communication with plants and being able to share it in a group.

If you are interested to know more about this work, or want to participate en a Plant Study in Órgiva, please click this botton:




A BORAGE STUDY - March 2020

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