My love for, and interest in, holistic medicine was awakened early on by my father´s inclination towards using natural remedies at home. I loved those sweet homeopathic globules that I would get when I had a cough, and I now use the same green Arnica salve for my children as we had in our bathroom cupboard when I was a child.
I guess in my life I took it a step further. Which I guess would be expected from me, in terms of evolution throughout the generations!
During my travels around the world I came across many different plant remedies that kind and caring people helped me with, for the different illnesses and accidents I had. In New Zealand my crushed and badly infected fingers were cured by a Maui family who invited me to rest and heal on their land, and who shared with me their generosity and knowledge of their plants. In Kenya my body was cleansed of recurrent malaria by the Mwarubaini (“40 diseases tree”) which we know as the Neem tree. And so many other aches and pain, bites and stings, fevers and bad bellies, were healed by friendly people sharing their knowledge of their plants with me.
After 10 years of roaming around, I decided I needed to grow some roots. And I felt the urge to study Herbal Medicine more seriously. I found the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (SSHM), and in 2008, I moved from Amman, Jordan to Glasgow, Scotland. It was their unique holistic approach to learning about the herbs that seduced me to go there. At the SSHM I was introduced to the herbs through all my senses, and in direct communication with them. We also studied in many books and online sources, but the most important part was that we first “met” the herb through herb-tasting and Goethean Plant Studies.
I was 2 years into the course when the school unfortunately had to close. After the birth of my first daughter I did my dissertation with Lincoln University, about the use of herbs during childbirth. Up to date I haven´t finished the rest of the study, it may be still to come. However, I had learnt the most important lesson, and I am forever grateful to Keith and Maureen Robertson for that; I learnt that plants are highly intelligent beings, open to communication with us. And if I, in turn, open up to them, they´ll definitely take me on an interesting and healing journey, where I will learn about them as well as about myself.
In the 10 years that followed, I used herbal medicine for myself and my families. Now and then I felt the calling of a certain herb, and studied it, by myself or in a group. And I started to study and work in the fields of Ayurvedic Massage, Reiki and Coaching. Looking back, I realize that in these years, through my personal journey, my studies and my work experience, I trained quite rigorously in trusting and deepening my intuition, in my ability to receive spiritual guidance and also in opening my doors of perception. I learnt to “listen” through my energy field, and to “feel” someone else’s body and energetic field, especially from a therapeutic point of view.
As life keeps on giving me learning curves, I recently went through a period of grief and loneliness. And the herbs started calling me louder and louder again. They called me in dreams, in the riverbed, on the mountainside, from the side of the road. And whenever I listened, I immediately knew, I am not alone.
I´m really grateful to come back to what I learnt all those years ago at the Scottish School. And to be sharing Plant Studies using the method of Goethean Science. I include herb-tastings and also some of what I learnt on my own path over the last years. I´m very passionate about this, and happy that others are hearing the call as well. I love sitting with a plant, learning directly from that plant, and I love being able to share this with others in a group.

Soon there will be more information here explaining the process of a Goethean Plant Study. (Watch this space!)

If you are interested in learning more about this work, or joining me here in Órgiva in a Plant Study, please contact me through the contact form on this website.


A STUDY ON BORAGE - March 2020

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