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Reiki is a Japanese technique that serves to channel the energy that surrounds us for ourselves and others. "Rei" can be translated as "welcome" and "ki" as "universal energy".
In the 1920´s, Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk and professor, created a method that enables anyone to use it, regardless of their beliefs, religion or culture.
However, the practice of channeling energy has been used in many cultures for more than 3.000 years and I feel in my practice I am not limited to certain techniques from certain cultures, but mostly work with what comes through in the moment.


I received my training over 4 years in two different schools "Escuela Sol y Luna" and "Reikizenter" in Granada, Spain. Both these schools follow the Japanese path of Reiki-Do (translated as "the path of Reiki). They offer a very profound and meticulous study of this art of healing.
Besides the official schooling, I feel that in my practice I never stop learning new things. I first started my training in Reiki in 2012 and am still learning.

As a Reiki practitioner I act as a transmission channel. I am not the one who is healing you, but I can help you become aware of aspects of yourself, such as unresolved emotions that you weren´t conscious of before. And then I can help give you exercises or techniques so that you can heal yourself and free yourself of what was unresolved.

The giving as well as receiving of Reiki have allowed me to change my life enormously and in very positive ways. It has allowed me to become more conscious of myself, so that I can take better decisions in my life, to heal old trauma and unhealthy attachments, to find more self-love as I am developing on the path and to align myself more and more with my mission, my life´s purpose.


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Every treatment is individual. I use many different techniques, depending on what is needed. Besides energy work, this can include the use of pressure points, neuro-linguistic programming, coaching, regressions, and different types of meditations or exercises.
I work especially with the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the being.


Reiki can help you with:


  • finding your own answers to spiritual questions

  • understanding and resolving conflict situations

  • changing situations that keep repeating themselves in life

  • resolving relationship problems (for example, with your mother, father, partner, etc.)

  • understanding and healing emotional issues

  • letting go of, and the healing of, past trauma

  • alleviating pain

  • alleviation or healing of physical illness or issues

  • and more!

Distance Reiki
I also offer distance treatments. For a distance treatment we can connect through Skype before and after the treatment. And you receive the treatment in your own space, while I work from my home or treatment room. This is possible because the energy I am tapping into, is outside of space and time.


A session takes 1,30 hours in total.

For more information or to book a session with me, please contact me.


"Anna gave me both Reiki and Ayurvedic massages. She was an angel on my healing path. In her touch and listening she was holding space for me to connect to my pain, fear and grief. I felt safe, understood and loved. She is one of the kindest, loving and honest persons I have met. And she truly has magic healing hands. Thank you Anna for helping me open up and deep dive into my soulscapes."

Ingeborg Braat, Órgiva, Spain

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"Dear Tia Annita, thank you for your generosity and love for our family, your healing energy has helped us to understand the magic of being alive, the importance of harmony of body and spirit. We are eternally grateful."
Jacqueline Pulupa, Toledo, Spain

"Thank you for helping me in my spirit, and receiving from the universe the peace I needed in my pain. It was very helpful for me to feel relaxed and in spiritual peace. The loss of a loved one is not easy. And thanks to your help I can feel the calm I needed in this time of pain.
Many blessings for your help."

Freddy Vuele, Toledo, Spain

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"Several times I have had Reiki from Anna which has been, every single time a magnificent, clearing and healing experience.
I am always struck by her calm presence which makes me feel safe and cared for.
What happens during her treatment always matches: she feels, she knows what is going on for me, what is happening during our session.
I always feel seen and felt, free and light, brought back to source after an energetic ‘sweep clean’."

Lydia Prins van Wijngaarden, Órgiva, Spain

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