What is Reiki and how can it serve you?


Reiki is a Japanese technique that serves to channel the energy that surrounds us for ourselves and others.

"Rei" can be translated as "welcome" and "ki" as "universal energy", therefore Reiki can be defined as "accepting universal energy".
Science admits that everything is energy, Reiki works through channeling universal energy; an energy to which all living beings have access merely by being alive.
This practice of channeling energy has been used in many cultures for more than 3.000 years. In the 1920´s, dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk and professor, created a method that enables anyone to use it, regardless of their beliefs, religion or culture.

Reiki is not something you need to believe in, for it to work. It can serve to heal physical, mental and emotional illnesses, to bring relaxation, peace and balance. It helps to harmonize and go to the root of the disease.

As a Reiki practitioner I act as a transmission channel. I am not the one who is healing, it is the energy that enters your body that allows you to become conscious of aspects of yourself that you weren´t conscious of before, and allows you to heal yourself.


I follow the Japanese School of Reiki: Reiki-do, which is different from the more common European School in a few important aspects:
In the Japanese school of Reiki-do, it takes 4 to 5 years to become a Reiki-Master, compared to 4 to 5 weekends, in the European school.

"Do" means "path", therefore "Reiki-do" can be understood as "personal path of union through the acceptance of Universal Energy".

Reiki-do is first of all taught as a life path, a spiritual path, rather than “just” a therapy and the laying on of hands.
Because the training is longer and very profound, some of the beliefs that are common in the European school are different (or better said, absent). For example, in Reiki-do we don´t use any symbols. Also, whereas in the European school it is believed that one needs to be initiated to receive the “gift”, in Reiki-do channeling energy is not seen a special gift but a natural capacity we all have, which you can develop through training.

For me, Reiki-Do, the path of Reiki, is not about practicing certain techniques, it´s not about reaching certain states of mind, having visions, or even so much about “healing”… For me it´s the universal path we are all on, that takes us up and down, into Oneness and out of it again, only to find our way back again. It´s a path on which I can go beyond myself, and at the same time get to know myself better in this embodied expression, so that I can unfold, uncover and discover myself. A path on which I learn to let the Universe flow through me, so that I can become more human, more authentic, and more resilient and at the same time more vulnerable, more loving, in my relationships with myself and others. It´s a path where I can meet myself in my Heart, to be able to accept and embrace all of me, until I see that the darkness is also light, and to be able to meet the other in this same way.
Ultimately, it´s a path that helps me be of better service to this world.

What to expect in a Reiki treatment?

During the Reiki treatment, you lie down and observe your sensations. The body is not manipulated and you will not need to undress. During the session I will be working with your energy field, I may also use pressure points, or lay my hands directly on your body. Clients usually feel the movement of energy through different physical sensations, or may be guided into memories or visions.
The time before the actual Reiki treatment can also be a very important part of the session, when there is time to talk, to feel, to see... and afterwards I can help you integrate the energetic work.
Reiki can work outside our concept of time and space, and therefor we can address past issues, and I can work with you while you are physically in another place than me.
The Reiki sessions I give can include: work with past traumatic events, childhood issues, relationship issues with your father, mother or others, regressions, present conditions, such as physical illness, mental stress, or emotional upheaval, insecurity about ones life´s path or purpose and more.

A session takes 1,5 hour in total.

For more information or to book a session with me, please contact me through the contact form on this website.


"Anna gave me both Reiki and Ayurvedic massages. She was an angel on my healing path. In her touch and listening she was holding space for me to connect to my pain, fear and grief. I felt safe, understood and loved. She is one of the kindest, loving and honest persons I have met. And she truly has magic healing hands. Thank you Anna for helping me open up and deep dive into my soulscapes."

Ingeborg Braat, Órgiva, Spain

"Several times I have had Reiki from Anna which has been, every single time a magnificent, clearing and healing experience.
I am always struck by her calm presence which makes me feel safe and cared for.
We never fail being on the same page.....meaning that what happens during her treatment always matches: she feels, she knows what is going on for me, what is happening during our session, without having discussed it, and without needing to discuss it, either before or after.
When something needs to be voiced during the Reiki that is totally possible too.
In every sense it is a lovely treat for me to go and see her, I always feel seen and felt, free and light, brought back to source after an energetic ‘sweep clean’."

Lydia Prins van Wijngaarden, Órgiva, Spain

"Tijdens de Reiki sessie kom ik in een andere state of mind. Het thema waarmee ik kom, is het mijn best doen. Spanning in nek en schouders hadden mij die hint gegeven. Na de sessie deelt Anna de beelden die zij kreeg. Dit resoneert: ze zijn herkenbaar en volkomen toepasselijk. Ook is mij helder dat ik niet (meer) het verhaal in hoef te gaan. Ik voel openheid en ontvankelijkheid dat er mag gebeuren wat er gebeurt."

Albertine van Peursen, Baarm, Nederland

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